We donate a portion of our sale’s proceeds to animal shelters in the region.

Approximately 4 million adoptable dogs and cats are killed each year due mainly to overpopulation. 25-30% of shelter dogs are purebred. The other 70-75%, of course, are lovable, wonderful mixed-breed pets, just waiting for a chance to be your perfect new friend. An estimated 2.7 million healthy shelter pets are not adopted each year, and only about 30 percent of pets in homes come from shelters and rescues. 

Animal shelters and pet rescues are filled with dogs and cats that are there simply because their previous owner had some issue that prevented them from keeping their pet. Shelter pets for adoption are wonderful companions who became the victims of family tragedy, unlucky circumstances or irresponsible owners. Rarely is a dog or cat in a shelter because there was any problem with the dog or cat.

By adopting your adorable dog from shelter, you’re saving a life and giving a deserving animal a new home. It feels great to help an animal in need, and after living in a shelter, your new dog will be especially appreciative of the wonderful life you’re going to give him/her. By adopting a dog, you can support the shelter’s good work in your community and help care for many homeless pets.