Excitement of a New Fur Baby

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We never forget the excitement of bringing our puppy home for the first time. Getting the house puppy proof and shopping for toys, beds and necessary treasures . I remember the day before picking up Louie, I went to our local pet shop with my shopping list and asked the sales person for the most suitable items for a little puppy and was overwhelmed by the choices.

If you are a first-time dog parent, you are excited and nervous. There are lots of unknowns and you have many questions. How are the first few days are going to be? How will the puppy adjust to his or her new home? What toys are puppy safe? The list goes on and on.

A year before we got Louie, my husband and I watched positive reinforcement videos by Victoria Stilwell, with no intention of immediately getting a dog. We learned so much about communicating and interacting with dogs, but we had no practical experience. When we got Louie, we were first time parents and very nervous about our ongoing responsibilities.

Now looking back, I realize how much I have learned through the years by owning dogs, researching many topics from nutrition, health, grooming to training. Much of my research led me to design products that suit small dogs better with the latest technical fabrics. Often, I post health and wellness topics on various social media groups., On these posts people asked a lot of questions, which led me to research more and more. I am obsessed with dogs and want to know about their world and share my knowledge by educating others.

Through my conversations with many dog owners on various groups I realized there are a lot of new dog parents with questions. Even among the experienced dog owners there are numerous questions, but we are all continuously learning from each other. Many people asked me to share my experiences, that is the reason for my blog to address the many questions and share my research. I invite everyone to participate and share your experiences and feelings about your pets.


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  • Tarah on

    I meet a Yorkie for the first time 7 y are ago and knew I had to have one!!
    Having only ever had huge dogs my entire life, I knew it would be a change.
    The first time I saw Dex , I knew he was mine. I was terrified of how tiny he was and put a bell on his collar so I could find him when he crawled under the furniture.
    Our 2 big dogs love him and play very gently with him.
    He has a huge personality and fills my days with joy!

  • Dee Cantu on

    .. At 4 days old my little guy crawled up my chest (I can still feel his tiny paws) and gave me a kiss on my cheek! That was it! He was mine! I visited him every week, The Breeder was great and gave us an opportunity 2 bond!
    .. Today, my little Maltese male, (Presley-Tyler is 4mos old)
    .. His real brother (same Daddy) Quincy is 1year and the funny thing is, he did the exact same thing but, he was 2weeks old!
    .. I got 2 take Presley Home at 8weeks (too young if you ask me since Vet had yet 2 Give him De worker medication)…
    .. Anyway, Today both of them are home and play wth each other all day, every day and would be real upset wth me if I separated them 4 any length of time! They are most definitely brothers+All Boy!! My Little Munchkins are my Heart and I Love them More than Words Can Express!! πŸ’•πŸ’™πŸ’•

  • Marla on

    Bringing home Finley was so exciting, he was 7 months old but not potty trained at all. Our last pup was just over 10 when she passed so I forgot what it was like to start over again! It took him about 2 months to be 100% potty trained but so worth the wait! I tried to take him out nearly every hour, then increased to 2 then 3 and so on. If he asks in the middle of the night, I will take him out but I won’t reward him with a treat. I’ve learned long ago dogs are creatures of habit and all of my dogs in the past will do anything for a cookie!

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