10 Tips to Get the Perfect Photo of Your Dog with Your Smart Phone

Louie de Coton 10 tips to get the perfect photo of your dog with your smart phone

Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites are filled with photos of adorable puppies.  On Instagram 1 in 10 dog owners has created a profile just for their pups. If you're one of the many who plans to share that Instagram-worthy photo of your dog, or participate in many of our photo contests, then this list of pet photography shooting and editing tips is a must-read topic for you.

Let Your Dog Get Used to The Camera 

Let your dog give your phone a good sniff, then start casually shooting the surroundings. Once your dog has gotten used to the phone and starts doing their own thing, begin taking pictures. The idea is to keep things natural and relaxed. What not to do: Grab a ton of treats, abruptly shove the camera in your dog’s face, and repeat, “Mommy’s gonna take your picture!” at a high pitch.

Turn Off the Flash and Use the Natural Lights

Most amateur photographers do best with warm, natural sunlight. To avoid washed-out pictures, shoot in the mornings or evenings, on slightly overcast days, or in the shade on a bright day.  For indoor shots, use natural lights by opening the shades and curtains.

Take Lots of Photos

This is the first rule of photography, no matter what the subject. The more you take, the better your chances of getting a few amazing shots.


Louie de Coton 10 tips to get the perfect photo of your dog with your smart phone

Time It Well

If you’re looking for action shots, have your photo shoot before their daily runs when they are full of energy. If you want a serene portrait, make it when they are tired.

Get Creative and Playful

Lots of full-body shots taken from ten feet away can get mighty dull. Get up close so your dog fills the entire frame. Get even closer so you get the full effect of that long, wet nose. Photograph your dog head on, in profile, at 45-degree angles. And don’t get hung up on perfection; sometimes that shot with your dog’s tail out of the frame is the one you’ll have hanging on your wall for years. With pet photography, serendipity is the name of the game.


Louie de Coton 10 tips to get the perfect photo of your dog with your smart phone 

Be Spontaneous

Instead of expecting your dog to pose for you, have your phone ready and try capture their natural goofy mood or silly face they make when they see you holding a piece of ham. You will be amazed you will take the funniest pictures that show the personality of your dog.


Louie de Coton 10 tips to get the perfect photo of your dog with your smart phone

Get Down On Your Dog’s Level

When you’re taking pictures of pets, getting down on their level can make a huge difference. Try and get them to look at you using treats, whistling, or a high-pitched tone, and the shot will really shine.


Louie de Coton 10 tips to get the perfect photo of your dog with your smart phone

Pay Attention to Background

Pay attention to the background of your images. Are there messy dinner dishes on the table? Is there a poop scooper behind the dog? Keep your background clean. Simple backgrounds, like a white sandy beach or green trees, make your dog stand out. Watch for tree branches that look like they’re growing out of your dog’s head. Pay attention to color, too–no black backgrounds for black dogs, brown backgrounds for brown dogs, and so on. 

Edit Photos Before Sharing Them

Whether on a cell phone or a computer, photo editing applications are priceless. Even a slight adjustment can make your photos look more professional. Your camera has built-in editing and fun filters—play around to find the best one. Editing the brightness and contrast can really make highlights and shadows pop. Keep an eye on the color. Do the whites look too yellow or too green? There are many free and easy to use Apps to help you edit your photos. If you are iPhone user, Apple offers free training in their store or you can make appointment with their one on one Guru to show you many techniques to edit your photos. 

Remember to Have Fun with your Dog

Whether you are taking a hike with your dog or attending the local meet up group, have your cell phone ready to capture their fun shot.  And with practice you master the art of dog photography.

How do you take the best pictures of your dog?

Do you have any expert tips?

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