Questions About Our T-Shirts for Small Dogs

Does the fabric breathe, so it's cool when it’s hot?

Yes, the fabric is extremely breathable. Also, on hot days, you can wet it to keep your pup comfortably cool for hours.

What sizes do you recommend?

For the ultimate sun protection, make sure the full back of your dog is covered. The length of the x-small is 11", small 12.5" and medium 14.25".

And remember, it’s more precise to use both the length and chest measurements than the weight, as some dogs are long and skinny or short but well chested.

How do I measure my dog?

See our sizing guide

How do you put the T-shirt on? Does it open or go over the head?

It goes on over the head. It’s very stretchy with a very loose fitting neck area, so it’s easy to put on any breed.

Can you put a harness on with it?

A harness can be placed over the shirt or underneath.  


If you have more questions, please don't hesitate to contact us